Monday, September 30, 2013

Land of Apathetic, Home of the Depraved

The apathy and downright idiocy of the majority of the American population really pisses me off.  How much longer are we all going to sit around and watch a bunch of inept, over-paid, infantile assholes systematically run this country into the ground?  How bad do things have to get before we come to the realization that this two-party pissing contest is corrupt and ineffective and that the time for change is RIGHT NOW.  These so-called elected 'representatives' do not, in fact, represent the will and opinions of the common people.  The entire process which got them elected is, in fact, rigged and controlled by the two parties themselves.  And the two parties are puppets to the corporate Goliaths and billionaires that control the majority of the wealth in this country.  This is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.  It's the playground of the rich, inept and greedy who continually make a mockery out of the system of democracy that our forefathers had so painstakingly forged.

Millions of us regular Americans are breaking our backs every day just to try to make ends meet for ourselves and our families. Add to that the hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform bravely and selflessly defending our American way of life both here and abroad for a salary that any senator or congressman would consider laughable. The national debt keeps rising while the middle class steadily slides deeper and deeper into poverty while the greedy, filthy rich 1% keep getting richer and keep finding ways to make even more money and profits.

Meanwhile, we all sit by and watch - many of us duped into drinking either the Democratic or Republican Kool-Aid along with the notion that it's the OTHER party's fault we're in the mess we're in.  That's all we really have on Capitol Hill; a bunch of pointing fingers and belligerent screaming children determined to get their way while preventing the opposing group of belligerent children from getting their way.  These rich, stubborn assholes have absolutely NO IDEA what we, the regular folks in America, are going through.  They live in a world that is totally detached from the reality that we all live and breath and suffer through on a daily basis.

The plain and simple fact -- the irrefutable fact -- is that our Government DOESN'T WORK -- the people who have been elected to do a specific job continue, year after year after year, to FAIL MISERABLY at doing that job. Things continue to get worse, and yet we all DO NOTHING besides bitch and moan and look for who to blame.  We're all to blame for letting these assholes to continue to get rich while playing a pissing game where the only losers are the common citizens.

If the Government shuts down tomorrow.  Every single member of Congress and the Senate along with the President of the United States need to be held directly responsible and then FIRED and replaced by people who aren't part of a political machine or puppets of the wealthy.  REAL people. REAL Subject Matter Experts who can come up with a plan and move forward with it quickly.

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