Friday, July 31, 2015

This one's for you, Cecil.

Killing majestic, exotic, and (sometimes) endangered species just for the sake of gaining a "trophy" really pisses me off. We, as humans, reside at the top of the food chain. I consider that a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. We're charged with being stewards of the earth and all its natural resources and living creatures. Sadly, more often than not, shit-for-brains members of our species  do stupid things that serve no purpose but to destroy the earth and its inhabitants.  I place so-called "big game hunters" in this category.

First let's establish one thing: Big game hunting isn't "hunting", it's blood sport.  There's absolutely no good reason to go out and kill wild, exotic and (sometimes) endangered animals other than to have a dead animal's head hanging on your wall or a set of ivory letter openers on your desk. It seems the more exotic, majestic, and rare the animal is, the more determined a select group of dipshit humans is to kill it and turn it into a trophy or trinket. That's not hunting.  I'm sure it's therapeutic for individuals with small penises and/or too much time and money on their hands, but maybe put that money and time into therapy instead of picking up a weapon, eh? Go talk to a real hunter about how a good sized deer will feed his family for most of the winter -and about how very little of that kill goes to waste. 

There was a time not so very long ago, before big chain supermarkets and factory farms, that hunting kept food on the table and provided warm clothing.  We've all come a long way from our humble beginnings but I can't say that all the progress we've made has been good progress. It's sad that after all this time on the earth, some of us still haven't learned the value of life; not just human life, but ALL life and how it contributes to a delicate balance of nature all around us. Of the 44,838 species assessed worldwide, 905 are extinct and 16,928 are listed as threatened to be extinct. I'm confident that a large percentage of these extinct and threatened species have humans to thank for their situation.

I heard and read where a lot of people are quick to stick up for this piece of shit dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. Sure, he was just pursuing his passion... he didn't know the lion was protected... he trusted his African guides when they told him it was legal and permitted to kill the lion... blah, blah, blah.  Dude, you tortured (40 hours to track him once he was wounded with an arrow) and killed a fucking LION for no good reason other than to have his head mounted on your wall!! How can that be justified by ANY stretch of the imagination?!?  Furthermore, this asshole shows up in Zimbabwe flashing around $50,000 (more money than a lot of Zimbabweans will see in their entire lifetimes!) to kill a lion - you don't think some enterprising Zimbabwean isn't going to find him a lion to kill (legal or otherwise) come hell or high water?!  I don't buy ANY of this dentist's bullshit excuses or reasoning for killing this creature. He's obviously got some serious egotistical, emotional, or mental issues to even dare attempt to justify what he did. NO ONE should be taking down lions in Zimbabwe - NO ONE.  If anything, we should be helping the authorities there STOP the senseless poaching and killing. Once these animals are gone, they're GONE - FOREVER. A lot of people don't seem to get that.

This fucktard deserves all the scorn and outrage that he's currently getting - $50,000 dollars' worth and more. I hope he does get extradited back to Zimbabwe to answer to the authorities - and I hope he ends up paying $50,000 more in fines. Moreover, I wish they could somehow take away this guy's "hunting" rights FOREVER. That's not possible, I know, but it's obvious that he -and a bunch of his "big game hunter" friends- can't see anything wrong with what he did -other than trust the wrong people. He'll be back out there again soon with another majestic animal in his crosshairs.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Stop Terrorist Attacks Here in America

 The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  We keep on lighting candles, saying prayers and paying homage online to the innocent folks who keep getting killed by radicalized Muslims -a lot of them U.S. Citizens. This keeps happening over and over and over again and we keep voicing our horror and sadness and anger and lighting more candles.  Perhaps it's time we actually start asking ourselves what's making these people get so pissed off and outraged to the point where they think their only recourse is to blow themselves and a crowd of other innocent people up in protest. I'm tired of everyone just chalking these atrocities up to "terrorism" and deciding that the people who commit these crimes are just plain evil psychopaths with no legitimate reasons behind their actions.

For decades now, the big bad U.S. Government has inserted its mighty military into places and issues that we have no business being involved with. We've used our incredibly brave and dedicated men and women of the United States Armed Forces as pawns to carry out our Government's underhanded and dirty little wars that are always dressed up to look like another noble endeavor in preserving OUR freedom and way of life.  But if you look at the real facts behind why we did what we did (and exactly what we did) in Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll find far less noble pretenses. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of INNOCENT people in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed by the United States military. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people have lost their homes, their families, their cities, their entire way of life because of the U.S. A lot of these people were already weary and ragged from years of wars within their own country and religion and then the U.S. comes along and dumps more shit on them and makes their lives and their futures even more difficult and uncertain.

It’s all fine and good to hate, despise, and blame the people who perpetrate these senseless attacks on innocent people here on American soil, but let's not stop the blame train with them... let's keep it going to our Government and our military leaders who have wreaked havoc on the Muslim people and countries and then left them all in shambles. They’re also responsible for THOUSANDS of dead brave men and women in the U.S. military who serve without hesitation and without question. All those brave souls didn’t have to die and thousands more of their fellow soldiers didn’t have to lose body parts and their sanity in wars that had absolutely nothing to do with protecting our freedom. What those wars did do is piss off a whole bunch of already-pissed-off people and gave them a nice big target on which to take out decades of frustration and anger.  So while you’re lighting candles and sending prayers to the families of those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, maybe think about cleaning house in Washington and help get all these war-mongering, money-grubbing fucktards out of office and get in some true American patriots who can get this country back on its feet and get our military out of places it doesn’t belong. That’s the ONLY way we’re going to make any positive strides in reducing these terrorist attacks (home-grown and otherwise) on our own soil.