Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Thoughts on the Big Orange Turd in the White House

Nothing surprises me with Trump anymore. Nothing. Just when you think he can't say or do anything worse than he did the day before, a new day dawns and he's at it again; sinking to even lower depths as a president and as a human being.

This is exactly what I expected from his presidency. And the powerful two-party chokehold slowly strangling this democracy to an agonizing death supports this type of behavior. Party politics have supplanted common sense and moral strength to do the right thing.  It's clear that most Republicans are going to go down with the Trump ship, regardless of what crazy and horrible thing he does next. Fuck America; this is about towing the party line.

I said it before, and I'll continue to say it: you try to force two utterly shitty choices for president down people's throats, you can't expect anything more than a shit show as the result. Hence, welcome to America 2018! The important thing that we SHOULD HAVE learned from all this is that our election laws and processes need to change.  Elections need to be truly OPEN and fair to all candidates -not just those that have been vetted by the Democratic and Republican powers that be. It boggles my mind that everyone isn't as fed up as I am at having candidates FORCED on them.  Yet, after every fucked up election, people fail to change anything and go right back to blaming the other party for the current situation.  And both parties are completely fine with this because they stay in control.  They stay in control despite the fact that their approval ratings are abysmal!

Trump is the result of gaming an election. It certainly backfired for the two major parties this time -they stepped in some really deep shit. But instead of trying to remove themselves, they gleefully started rolling around in it.  In some ways, they had to since they created this system. It's fucking embarrassing for me as a citizen of this once-great democracy to watch this unfold on the world stage. It's even more embarrassing and sad and frightening to see how many folks will enthusiastically support this sack of shit and his administration -as well as all the hate and vitriol that comes out of it and him. I really thought we were further along as a nation -as a species- before Trump came along. Boy, have my eyes been opened.

Trump also illustrates that, with the right PR and TV coverage, people will fucking believe ANYTHING you sell them. The majority of Trump fans TRULY BELIEVE he is every bit the character he portrayed in The Apprentice all those seasons on TV.  They bought the phony props and scenery and believed that he was this shrewd, intelligent, successful businessman worth billions of dollars.  The real facts about Trump aren't hard to find. Nobody's interested in the facts, though. This completely blows my mind to this day.

So yeah, nothing surprises me anymore.  I'm just left with a deeper and deeper sense of disappointment in my government and my fellow man.  The only thing I can do is continue to RESIST this hate and dumbassery and focus on all the beautiful and intelligent people that still inhabit this world.  There are outstanding people accomplishing outstanding things around us every day. Unfortunately, very few of them are working for our government.  But still, it gives me hope and inspires me to seek out the good in the world and do my part to ensure that survives.  I pretty much ignore Trump these days.  There's really nothing I can do.  It's obvious the only people who can really do anything about Trump are too busy falling in line with party politics.  They're mired in the shit show that they've created.  Trump lovers aren't going to stop loving him; regardless of what new horrible things he does or says next.  They're all in it for the long haul. Stubborn. Illogical. Defensive. There's no open dialog anymore, just two sides shouting back and forth at one another. That's not getting us anywhere and it's why I stay mostly silent on things.  But every once in a while, like today, I feel it's necessary to restate my opinion and where I stand on things. Not because I think it's going to change anyone's mind, but just because I want it part of some official record for my own peace of mind.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mass Shootings - Stop Arguing, Start a Dialogue

Mass shootings in the United States can't be solved with knee-jerk measures. All this finger-pointing and arguing isn't helping one bit either. Instead of passing blame and arguing over quick blanket fixes that won't really do any good, let's first figure out what's causing and facilitating all these acts of violence.

Before we even start talking about guns, let's first focus on the individuals committing these heinous acts. What do they all have in common? Are there some common red flags or indicators that we can pick out?  Without doing any real research other than what I've read in the news, I can put forward that a lot of these individuals were suffering from depression and other mental issues that, for the most part, went untreated. And it's not like people around them didn't notice they were disturbed or weird or scary.  A lot of times it's just that people didn't think it was worth reporting.  And God forbid if someone actually reached out the individual and just tried to befriend them or help them. Many were loners and outcasts and they were not only depressed, they were enraged with how society treated them as individuals. They wanted revenge and they wanted to be famous.

Which brings me to the next piece in this puzzle. The media. We live in an age of almost-instant news. I'm not saying the media purposely glorifies these shooters, but it's obviously been made to look like a very attractive alternative to living a depressing, downtrodden life for these mentally disturbed individuals. I've seen many reports of these people listing high casualty rates as one of their top priorities. Why? Because they'll make history if they can top the last highest total. It's the totally wrong way to become famous (or infamous) but it seems to be a common link with a lot of these shooters. So how can we (the media) not make such a big deal of these shootings? Good question. They ARE a big deal. It's the media's job to report them. I just think maybe they can go about the reporting differently.  Use some restraint. Report the facts and then STFU for a while. Don't do these in-depth profiles of the shooters -that only glorifies them in the eyes of other disturbed individuals contemplating the same thing. In my opinion, news has morphed into more opinion pieces and entertainment than just straight reporting the facts. I think getting back to just reporting the news instead of sensationalizing the story might help.

And then there's guns. As much as all the die-hard 2nd Amendment-loving, NRA card-carrying fanatics want to deny it, we need to seriously limit access to high-caliber, assault-style weaponry for the general public. Nobody needs an AR-15 for personal protection. If you think you do, you might want to think about moving to safer neighborhood/city/state. When our founding fathers drafted the language in the 2nd Amendment, they certainly didn't foresee, nor account for, advanced weaponry with armor-piercing bullets and grenade launching options. They were talking about the right of every law-abiding citizen to defend themselves. The year was 1791 and we didn't have the kind of law enforcement that we have now. There wasn't a cop nearby that you could summon on your cell phone. People had to be able to protect themselves and their family and they wanted to be able to legally keep a rifle or a gun in their house or on their person in order to do so. Fair enough in 1791, but it's a whole lot more complicated today.  I still believe in the 2nd amendment, but we have to evolve a little bit, folks.  Weaponry these days is a whole lot more advanced and a whole lot more deadly than it was in 1791. Everything is more advanced. Except people. People seem to be just as stubborn and misinformed as ever. When talking about gun control, all the pro-NRA folks immediately translate that into a BAN on gun ownership. So they're all dug in their trenches and wrapped up tight in the 2nd Amendment and unwilling to enter into any form of discussion because it will just end up taking all their precious guns away from them. Next comes the cherry-picking of statistics to further enrage BOTH sides of the issue. Meanwhile, nothing gets done and folks on both sides of the issue become more angry and more adamant and... NOTHING GETS DONE.

Which brings us to the government and our politicians. All of them got into office by accepting campaign contributions -some of them from very powerful political lobbyists. Ya know, like the ones that work for the NRA. The more money you take, the more you're expected to side with your donors. So let's call these campaign contributions what they really are... BRIBES. We've been talking for decades now about eliminating lobbying from Washington. I think that's a tremendously great idea, but money talks and these lobbyists have BILLIONS to spend. It's tough for us normal folks to have our voices heard in such a system.  Short of a revolution (which would be ugly in itself and destroy our entire society as we know it), I don't see any easy fix for the corruption in Washington. It's everywhere and it's an ingrained, integral part of our system of government. Sad but true. If you don't think money and effective advertising can buy anything these days, look no further than who is President right now. He got there using smoke and mirrors and lots of money from lots of powerful business people who saw him as the best thing to happen to them since corporations became people.

What we, as individuals, CAN do is keep pressure on our elected officials. Stop arguing with each other back and forth on Facebook and communicate directly with your county and state representatives. The odds are better that something positive will come from that. Also, get involved with your school and your community. If you have a neighbor who appears to be struggling for any reason, see if you can help them or at least point them in the direction of someone who can. If you're a parent, talk to your kids about all this shit. Get their thoughts and get a feel for what they're feeling. Tell them to help and befriend that loner at their school and report anything they feel is not right or suspicious. Most importantly, make sure you're not raising the next school shooter. Don't be afraid to be involved in your kids' lives. Don't believe everything they tell you, be a spy, invade their privacy. It really is your right as a parent. It's the only way you'll ever have any clue about some of the stupidly ridiculous things they do or think about doing.

Everything I just mentioned is a piece of the puzzle.  Leaving any one of these things out of the discussion won't bring about the change we need. The solution -or at least an effective mitigation- to the issue of mass shootings must involve calm, logical, fact-based analysis and discussions involving the areas of mental health services and screening, responsible media coverage and reporting practices, effective and fair gun control legislation to include enhanced licensing and tracking of personally-own firearms, increased security measures and counter-measures at schools and other public buildings, community-based education and awareness programs, and a willingness for everyone to get involved and report suspicious activities. You would think all of this would've already been done, but I believe everyone has been too busy arguing and pointing fingers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good Luck RGIII - You're way too classy for DC!

The way in which the DC Media and fans screwed over Robert Griffin III really pisses me off!  I'm so glad this season is over and done with so that perhaps this outstanding athlete and all-around profoundly decent human being gets a chance to latch on to a team and a city that will truly appreciate and develop his many talents -both on and off the field.

This poor guy was doomed from the day he was drafted by the Deadskins. He was made out to be some other-worldly super human being who would be able to leap buildings in a single bound and walk on water. The lone person who was going to swoop in an save Washington's dysfunctional football team which, by the way, had (and has) way more serious problems than the lack of a decent QB.

And, guess what - he came in and did everything and more that was asked of him that first year.  He took a beating thanks to a lame-ass offensive line and he practically carried the entire dysfunctional bunch to the playoffs only to have his coaching staff sacrifice him mercilessly on the field in that last play-off loss to the Seahawks.

But that wasn't the end of the story for RGIII.  Nope, he beat almost insurmountable odds to come back -months ahead of schedule- from a very serious injury to be ready to go by the start of the next season. He displayed a level of commitment and discipline that's becoming more and more rare these days in the NFL. His determination was unwavering; his allegiance to the team unquestionable. He always tried to say and do the right thing on and off the field and yet, at every turn the media was there to take something he said or did out of context and pounce on him... question his loyalty... intimate a huge ego on his part.  The poor guy didn't stand a chance -especially being part of such a historically dysfunctional organization as the Redskins.

There's no way he was 100% for that second season.  Anyone with half a brain could figure that out.  But RGIII knew what was expected him and he did his best to be ready and, again, put himself and his body on the line playing behind another lame-ass offensive line.  Was anyone really surprised he got hurt again so quickly?!  But instead of becoming a bigger hero for this team, he started to be a labeled a liability and the media and fans started to find fault with how he played the game - how he put EVERYTHING on the line to win. That just wasn't smart!

The coaching staff -realizing full well that their very expensive QB was becoming nothing more than a crash test dummy behind an ineffective offensive line- decided it was time to try to change the way RGIII played the QB position.  He had to be more of a drop-back passer and less of a scrambler.  RGIII obliged and plunged himself full force into learning this new QB methodology.  Some QBs get years to develop these sorts of skills - RGIII was given a couple months and it was everyone's expectation that -being the super human being he is- he would master it in record time.  And when he didn't it became all his fault.

Redskins fans were tired of losing and they had little patience when it came to RGIII - after all, he was the Messiah according to all the press reports!  The savior of DC!!!  Surely he could do more super-human feats!  Why did he suddenly need time to develop??!  This isn't what everyone paid millions of dollars for.  Washington fans wanted results and they wanted them IMMEDIATELY.  Never mind the fact that there were 53 other players on the team who needed to step up. No! This was all RGIII's fault.

And at every turn, RGIII handled himself with poise and professionalism, constantly reaffirming his commitment to his team, his coaches and the fans.  Somehow this kept getting thrown back in his face as a sign of his huge ego.  The media was constantly trying to cook up stories about locker room discontent and RGIII was constantly misquoted and misinterpreted. Anyone else would've cracked or struck back at all the lies and false accusations. Not RGIII.  He just tried to stay positive and do what was asked of him and he continued to be professional, patient and an all-around team player up until the very last game of this season.

Meanwhile, the fans who had once kissed the ground he walked on now made fun of him and heaped all the blame on him for everything wrong with their beloved football team. Thanks for taking a beating for three years - both on and off the field - but don't let the door hit you on your ass on the way out!  Good riddance to you, loser!

Sorry, RGIII is the furthest thing from a loser.  The real losers are the fans.  It's made me embarrassed to root for this team and be grouped in with some of the asshole fans who find it so easy to talk shit about RGIII and what a bust he was.  Truth is, even if he never takes another snap behind center, he's accomplished 1,000 times more in his young life than a vast majority of the asshole fans talking shit about him will their entire lives.  He walks away from Washington with millions of dollars and a great deal of dignity. Only time will tell if he can rebound physically and professionally from his mistreatment in Washington, but there's no doubt in my mind he'll continue to be a stand-up human being and someone that young folks can look up to and admire.  Football is a game - nothing more.  And there are plenty of players who are superstars on the field and total fuck-ups in every day life - that seems to be the norm more and more in the NFL.  But RGIII's got a very bright future ahead of him; whether it's on or off the field and he's made a lot of life-long fans out of folks like me -not for what he's done, but for who he is.  I wish him the very best.  And to all the Redskins fans who jumped on the bandwagon to tear him down and bought into all the media bullshit all these years. Well... you can all kiss my ass!  HAIL!

Friday, July 31, 2015

This one's for you, Cecil.

Killing majestic, exotic, and (sometimes) endangered species just for the sake of gaining a "trophy" really pisses me off. We, as humans, reside at the top of the food chain. I consider that a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. We're charged with being stewards of the earth and all its natural resources and living creatures. Sadly, more often than not, shit-for-brains members of our species  do stupid things that serve no purpose but to destroy the earth and its inhabitants.  I place so-called "big game hunters" in this category.

First let's establish one thing: Big game hunting isn't "hunting", it's blood sport.  There's absolutely no good reason to go out and kill wild, exotic and (sometimes) endangered animals other than to have a dead animal's head hanging on your wall or a set of ivory letter openers on your desk. It seems the more exotic, majestic, and rare the animal is, the more determined a select group of dipshit humans is to kill it and turn it into a trophy or trinket. That's not hunting.  I'm sure it's therapeutic for individuals with small penises and/or too much time and money on their hands, but maybe put that money and time into therapy instead of picking up a weapon, eh? Go talk to a real hunter about how a good sized deer will feed his family for most of the winter -and about how very little of that kill goes to waste. 

There was a time not so very long ago, before big chain supermarkets and factory farms, that hunting kept food on the table and provided warm clothing.  We've all come a long way from our humble beginnings but I can't say that all the progress we've made has been good progress. It's sad that after all this time on the earth, some of us still haven't learned the value of life; not just human life, but ALL life and how it contributes to a delicate balance of nature all around us. Of the 44,838 species assessed worldwide, 905 are extinct and 16,928 are listed as threatened to be extinct. I'm confident that a large percentage of these extinct and threatened species have humans to thank for their situation.

I heard and read where a lot of people are quick to stick up for this piece of shit dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. Sure, he was just pursuing his passion... he didn't know the lion was protected... he trusted his African guides when they told him it was legal and permitted to kill the lion... blah, blah, blah.  Dude, you tortured (40 hours to track him once he was wounded with an arrow) and killed a fucking LION for no good reason other than to have his head mounted on your wall!! How can that be justified by ANY stretch of the imagination?!?  Furthermore, this asshole shows up in Zimbabwe flashing around $50,000 (more money than a lot of Zimbabweans will see in their entire lifetimes!) to kill a lion - you don't think some enterprising Zimbabwean isn't going to find him a lion to kill (legal or otherwise) come hell or high water?!  I don't buy ANY of this dentist's bullshit excuses or reasoning for killing this creature. He's obviously got some serious egotistical, emotional, or mental issues to even dare attempt to justify what he did. NO ONE should be taking down lions in Zimbabwe - NO ONE.  If anything, we should be helping the authorities there STOP the senseless poaching and killing. Once these animals are gone, they're GONE - FOREVER. A lot of people don't seem to get that.

This fucktard deserves all the scorn and outrage that he's currently getting - $50,000 dollars' worth and more. I hope he does get extradited back to Zimbabwe to answer to the authorities - and I hope he ends up paying $50,000 more in fines. Moreover, I wish they could somehow take away this guy's "hunting" rights FOREVER. That's not possible, I know, but it's obvious that he -and a bunch of his "big game hunter" friends- can't see anything wrong with what he did -other than trust the wrong people. He'll be back out there again soon with another majestic animal in his crosshairs.

Monday, July 20, 2015

How To Stop Terrorist Attacks Here in America

 The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  We keep on lighting candles, saying prayers and paying homage online to the innocent folks who keep getting killed by radicalized Muslims -a lot of them U.S. Citizens. This keeps happening over and over and over again and we keep voicing our horror and sadness and anger and lighting more candles.  Perhaps it's time we actually start asking ourselves what's making these people get so pissed off and outraged to the point where they think their only recourse is to blow themselves and a crowd of other innocent people up in protest. I'm tired of everyone just chalking these atrocities up to "terrorism" and deciding that the people who commit these crimes are just plain evil psychopaths with no legitimate reasons behind their actions.

For decades now, the big bad U.S. Government has inserted its mighty military into places and issues that we have no business being involved with. We've used our incredibly brave and dedicated men and women of the United States Armed Forces as pawns to carry out our Government's underhanded and dirty little wars that are always dressed up to look like another noble endeavor in preserving OUR freedom and way of life.  But if you look at the real facts behind why we did what we did (and exactly what we did) in Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll find far less noble pretenses. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of INNOCENT people in Iraq and Afghanistan have been killed by the United States military. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people have lost their homes, their families, their cities, their entire way of life because of the U.S. A lot of these people were already weary and ragged from years of wars within their own country and religion and then the U.S. comes along and dumps more shit on them and makes their lives and their futures even more difficult and uncertain.

It’s all fine and good to hate, despise, and blame the people who perpetrate these senseless attacks on innocent people here on American soil, but let's not stop the blame train with them... let's keep it going to our Government and our military leaders who have wreaked havoc on the Muslim people and countries and then left them all in shambles. They’re also responsible for THOUSANDS of dead brave men and women in the U.S. military who serve without hesitation and without question. All those brave souls didn’t have to die and thousands more of their fellow soldiers didn’t have to lose body parts and their sanity in wars that had absolutely nothing to do with protecting our freedom. What those wars did do is piss off a whole bunch of already-pissed-off people and gave them a nice big target on which to take out decades of frustration and anger.  So while you’re lighting candles and sending prayers to the families of those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, maybe think about cleaning house in Washington and help get all these war-mongering, money-grubbing fucktards out of office and get in some true American patriots who can get this country back on its feet and get our military out of places it doesn’t belong. That’s the ONLY way we’re going to make any positive strides in reducing these terrorist attacks (home-grown and otherwise) on our own soil.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Strap yourselves in! It's almost that time again!!

In some ways, politics is a lot like the NFL.  In the NFL, you have all these die-hard fans who get behind a team for any number of reasons and blindly follow that team until the end of time. In reality, all an NFL fan is really rooting for is a color scheme and a logo. Each team consists of a lot of over-paid atheletes from all over the country who end up an any given team because of back room deals, trades, and lucrative contracts. Most fans argue that they're rooting for the "home team" -even though none of the players of that team call the fan's home their home.  They're there because they're getting paid to be there.  And yet fans keep on blindly following and, when referring to the team, they say things like "We need to beef up our defense" as if they're actually a part of the team. That's frickin' hilarious to me.

It's the same thing with the two major political parties and all their "fans". Staunch Democrats and Republicans who pretty much swallow anything their party bosses tell them.  They jump on the bandwagon every election cycle and get behind whoever their party puts forth as the front-runner. They agree whole-heartedly that everything that's wrong with this country is the other party's fault. Many actually believe that, once their candidate takes office, things will really change.

It's like believing there's any difference between any of the NFL teams. There isn't - they are all collectively "The NFL" and their primary goal is to bilk you for as much money as humanly possible, regardless of what team you're rooting for.

Politics is the same way. You think there's a difference between Republicans and Democrats but there isn't. They're working together to ensure that they, and they alone, retain control of the United states of America. All that blame-gaming and fiery rhetoric is just smoke and mirrors to prevent you from realizing they're all just one big greedy organization dead set to stay in power and do whatever the hell they want. Year after year; election after election.  And their primary goal is to bilk you for as much money as humanly possible. I wish I could say that that was hilarious to me as well. It's not.  It's scary.  Scary that so many of us drink this kool-aid year after year and still expect things to change and get better.

With the 2016 General Election right around the corner, I can't wait to hear how the new candidates are going to change this country and bring about new hope for the coming years.  I look forward to the new and innovative ways that the Democrats and Republicans will prevent any viable third-party candidates from joining the debates and getting on the ballot. The excitement is almost more than I can bear.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Football, Rice, and Videotape

The entire way this whole Ray Rice incident was handled really pisses me off.  Let me first go on record by saying that I loathe and detest the Baltimore Ravens and I don't have a lot of love for any NFL player that gets himself in trouble over stupid stuff.  Knocking out your drunk girlfriend with a left hook falls in the category of 'stupid stuff'. Mom always told me "never hit a girl" and, so far after 45 years of life, I've managed to follow that advice.  I'm not saying there weren't some very close calls - and I'm not claiming there can't be exceptions to the rule. But one thing is for sure, you should never left-hook your girlfriend or wife -no matter what- because this is the person you're supposed to love. This isn't same random raving female lunatic who comes out of nowhere trying to kill you, this is the person you love... your potential soulmate, your other half. Love is war sometimes; I get that.  But, for God's sake, just walk away from her and punch the nearest wall if the argument is getting THAT heated and she's got you THAT wound up.

So, yeah, dumbass move Ray Rice... clocking your girlfriend like that.  And, unfortunately for you, big brother was watching and got the entire incident on video so you, your now-wife, and the rest of the world can relive that dumbass move over and over and over again. I don't think anyone will disagree with me when I say he was in the wrong and what he did was a major no-no.  Great. We've established that.

The other fact that most people will not argue about is that the NFL's punishment for Ray Rice did not even come close to fitting the crime. You cold-clock your girlfriend and knock her unconscious, end up getting charged with assault, and the best the NFL can do is suspend you for two games?! Yeah, I can understand why a lot of people were outraged.  It became a running joke.  Every time another NFL player was punished, it was compared to Ray Rice's punishment. But to Ray's credit, he came out and sounded genuinely contrite about the entire incident. Was he really sorry or just sorry he got caught? I don't know.  Is he just a nice guy who lost his head?  I don't know that either. Only time will tell. But what followed among Ravens folks was a general "forgive and forget" attitude in Baltimore.  And after taking a lot of heat over the less-than-adequate punishment handed down to Ray Rice, the NFL changed their policy so that if and when something like this happens again, the punishment would be much worse - a six-game suspension for first-time offenders, and a potential lifetime ban for repeat offenders.  Everybody makes mistakes -some of them grievous. Ray Rice got off light, the NFL had egg on its face, but at the end of the day it looked to me like some positives had still come out of the whole mess. Ray and his girl got married (maybe she's just a terminal victim but I'd like to think maybe they worked things out in their relationship so no more boxing matches take place), the NFL is now prepared to treat future domestic violence cases as the serious crimes they are, and we witnessed that people can be forgiven and move on with being better people in their lives despite dumbass moves.  Ah, a happy ending.

And then TMZ (one of the shittiest organizations on the face of the earth) releases the entire video of that awful night with Ray and his girl... including the actual brutal punch that knocked her out cold in the elevator.  Suddenly, all the progress that had been made over the past months was wiped from everyone's memory. Now that folks could actually SEE the punch -the abuse- well, suddenly, that changed everything.  Suddenly Ray Rice was back in the dog house, fallen from grace and forgiveness and now just a piece-of-shit woman beater.

Why? Just take the video out of this equation for a second.  We all already knew that he punched his girl hard enough to knock her out. We all already knew that he was charged with assault.  We saw how the NFL handed down a less-than-adequate punishment and then saw Ray Rice publicly apologize. We witnessed major NFL policy changes as a result of this whole incident, and then we (or at least I) saw the Ravens organization as a whole stand up for Ray Rice and basically say "Yeah, he made a really horrible mistake.  He committed a terrible crime. But you know what, we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt. We're going to forgive him because we believe he's a good person and that this was just a dumbass move that he will learn from and never ever do again.” Ray was warmly greeted by fans during the preseason. Players and coaches had nothing but good things to say about him.

No one should really need to actually see the video to realize that what Ray Rice did was brutal. We already knew that he knocked her out cold -what, does everyone think he did that with a little slap or a tap on the cheek?!  No one was able to put two and two together in their head and say to themself "man, he must've clocked her good!" -c'mon, really!?!  We all know the facts of what happened.  The problem is we're a bunch of suckers when it comes to sensational videos.  Never mind the facts, just show us some controversial, sensational video and we'll all just lose any modicum of common sense we may have had and totally lose our minds.  Way to go TMZ!  If you read any of my previous posts in this blog, you already know I HATE the media and all they do to stir the pot.  TMZ is no different.

In my humble opinion, Ray Rice should've been suspended for the entire season from the get-go. I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if the NFL would’ve banned him for life. But he wasn't because the NFL seriously dropped the ball on handing down sufficient punishment. He already received his punishment from our criminal justice system, so that's pretty much a moot point. To their credit, the NFL changed their policy for the better.  That was a good thing.  And then everyone else seemed to move on (not saying there weren't a whole lotta people still pissed off).  Ray apologized; the Ravens organization and fans seemed to say "OK Ray, we'll give you another chance" and that right there should have been the end of this entire terrible episode. 

But it wasn't.  We all took a huge step BACKWARDS when TMZ released the video.  Everyone in the Ravens camp did a complete 180-degree about-face and turned on Ray like he had done ANOTHER bad thing. All because a video showed in graphic detail what we all already knew -and had decided to leave in the past.  What does that really say about us as human beings?  If we had had this reaction from the beginning, I'd have no problem with it. But we all sort of flip-flopped and in the course of 10 hours, Ray went from the poster child for redemption to the devil incarnate. Sorry folks, that's messed up.  Ray Rice remains the same guy he always was (for better or worse) whether you see that video or not. The only thing that changed after seeing that video is the forgiveness that a LOT of people willingly gave to Ray Rice.  To me that's just as shitty of a move as Ray clocking his girlfriend in the elevator.