Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Strap yourselves in! It's almost that time again!!

In some ways, politics is a lot like the NFL.  In the NFL, you have all these die-hard fans who get behind a team for any number of reasons and blindly follow that team until the end of time. In reality, all an NFL fan is really rooting for is a color scheme and a logo. Each team consists of a lot of over-paid atheletes from all over the country who end up an any given team because of back room deals, trades, and lucrative contracts. Most fans argue that they're rooting for the "home team" -even though none of the players of that team call the fan's home their home.  They're there because they're getting paid to be there.  And yet fans keep on blindly following and, when referring to the team, they say things like "We need to beef up our defense" as if they're actually a part of the team. That's frickin' hilarious to me.

It's the same thing with the two major political parties and all their "fans". Staunch Democrats and Republicans who pretty much swallow anything their party bosses tell them.  They jump on the bandwagon every election cycle and get behind whoever their party puts forth as the front-runner. They agree whole-heartedly that everything that's wrong with this country is the other party's fault. Many actually believe that, once their candidate takes office, things will really change.

It's like believing there's any difference between any of the NFL teams. There isn't - they are all collectively "The NFL" and their primary goal is to bilk you for as much money as humanly possible, regardless of what team you're rooting for.

Politics is the same way. You think there's a difference between Republicans and Democrats but there isn't. They're working together to ensure that they, and they alone, retain control of the United states of America. All that blame-gaming and fiery rhetoric is just smoke and mirrors to prevent you from realizing they're all just one big greedy organization dead set to stay in power and do whatever the hell they want. Year after year; election after election.  And their primary goal is to bilk you for as much money as humanly possible. I wish I could say that that was hilarious to me as well. It's not.  It's scary.  Scary that so many of us drink this kool-aid year after year and still expect things to change and get better.

With the 2016 General Election right around the corner, I can't wait to hear how the new candidates are going to change this country and bring about new hope for the coming years.  I look forward to the new and innovative ways that the Democrats and Republicans will prevent any viable third-party candidates from joining the debates and getting on the ballot. The excitement is almost more than I can bear.

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