Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stop Bitching, Start DOING

Folks who bitch about the sad state of affairs in this country, yet continue to vote for the same group of idiots election after election, really piss me off.

Our government was shut down for 16 days while a bunch of rich, childish politicians argued with, threatened, and blamed each other for the shutdown.  They played a game of chicken while holding the entire country hostage to see which side would blink first.  Millions of us common citizens suffered and worried while these detached assholes in Washington played their belligerent childish games.  And at the end of the game, we really don't have any clear and final resolution to the problem, do we?  What do you think we have to look forward to come January?

Of course, we all expressed our outrage -while essentially doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about these morons.  If you drank the Republican Kool-Aid, you blamed the President and his allies. If you drank the Democratic Kool-Aid, you blamed the Republicans and their Tea Party Conservatives.  Me? I don't like Kool-Aid. I blame the entire corrupt, dysfunctional, and out-of-date government; starting with the President and including every single member of Congress.  They're all inept, greedy, and ignorant when it comes to addressing and tackling the real problems in this country.  They're all controlled by special interests groups, lobbyists, and multi-billion-dollar corporations and benefactors.  They CLEARLY do not have the common person's best interests or well-being at the top of their agenda.

Sadly, it's been this way for DECADES.  We keep letting the same two corrupt and morally bankrupt parties -The Democrats and Republicans- run this country into the ground.  We're somehow stupid enough to believe that things will change just because we get a new name to elect.  We're WRONG.  And we better all come to this realization collectively or we're all headed to hell in a hand basket by way of the express lane.

NOW is the time to DEMAND change.  Our system of government is antiquated and inept.  In this age of Internet and technology please explain to me why in the HELL we need 535 congressmen to run things!!  I understand why, back in our forefathers' day, this was a plausible idea, but things have changed DRASTICALLY since the 1800s -and yet our system/structure of Government has stayed pretty much the same.  Entire industries have sprung up -while others have died away- thanks to miraculous advances in technology and education.  We've changed and revolutionized the way we communicate, do business, and travel. And yet, NOTHING has changed as far as the way our Government is run.  This two-party choke hold has been in place for a hundred years and we keep letting it be that way.  The entire way we vote is rigged by these two parties and we end up with the same two shitty choices being shoved down our throats every four years: Democrat or Republican -sure the names change... Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc. But are you really that fucking STUPID to think that there is really ANY difference?  These people are just puppets of their party.  And the same two parties keep doing the same dumb shit to this country year after year after year.  They fight with each other over money and power while the rest of us suffer the consequences.

So, for God's Sake, what do you say we DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW?! --Before 2014 rolls around and we're stuck with the same bullshit election laws.  Let's make sure the next General election ISN'T controlled by the Democrats and Republicans. Let's fight for truly OPEN and FAIR elections and let's elect some folks that are true subject matter experts who aren't afraid of revamping the Government and actually FIXING the problems we have.

Start by educating yourself - turn off the news -they're all just recycling soundbites from the two major parties.  Seek out organizations that are trying to effect REAL change in this country and give them your support.  Get involved.  Be the change.  Stop bitching and start doing. Nobody wins in this two-party choke hold.  We all lose. 

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